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Welcome to IPRAC (International Property Rental Affiliate Certification)

I-PRAC is the leading, worldwide, certification organization, for the short-term rental property market. I-PRAC was launched in response to growing concerns about online fraud in the short-term holiday and business rentals. Indeed, scams are reaching epidemic proportions and, more than ever, there is a need to restore confidence in the market.

IPRAC is industry changing, simple, yet efficient. IPRAC members, including property owners and rental agencies worldwide, display or issue their unique IPRAC logo and ID number to potential clients, who can then proceed to verify the IPRAC member online using the search members facility. Once the client has completed a members search and verified the accommodation provider as legitimate, clients can then reserve with 100% confidence knowing they are dealing with a legitimate private owner or rental agency approved by IPRAC, and their rental payments are safe and insured by IPRAC. You cant fall victim to rental fraud when booking with an affiliated IPRAC member. If you are renting from a private home owner or rental agency then rent with confidence with no risk and book with an IPRAC member.

I-PRAC was founded by a group of experienced rental professionals dedicated to preventing rental fraud and providing a safe online environment for clients looking to rent properties worldwide.

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